Prišla nám pozvánka z maďarského Jaguar klubu na ich tradičný májový zraz. Bližšie informácie v originále nižšie. Registrácia nieje potrebná, stačí len prísť 🙂

Niekoľko fotografií z minuloročného zrazu pre navnadenie…

Dear Jaguarclub members,

This year, as usual, we organize a one-day Jaguar meeting in Komárom, on
the 10th of May 2015. Please share below information to your Club members, everybody and all cars
are welcome. No preliminary registration is needed. That would be an opportunity to spend some nice moments together again, and discuss about the next Club’s events and cooperations.

The program is the following:

9.30 -10.30 Meeting, registration, payment for the lunch: Komárom, parking of Fort Monostor (H-2900 Komárom, Ácsi út 1.)

10.30-11.30 Visit of the freshly renovated Danube Bastion of Fort Monostor and the exhibitions „The invisible Fortress“.
Entrance fee: Adult 600,- Ft (2 Euros).

11.30 – 12.00 Driving in konvoy to Tata to the Palmhouse, which is in the
English Park at the lake Cseke, for the lunch.

12.00 – 14.00 Lunch in the Palmhouse.

Informations about the lunch:
The Palmhouse opens his doors only in case of exclusive events. The food is provided by the 1st class restaurant of the Hotel Kristály, which is the oldest hotel in Hungary.
The lunch is buffet table type: Soup, 3 different main dishes (1 is vegetarian), 3 different side dishes, 3 different pickles, dessert.
Price: Adult 3800 Ft(13 Euros), free for below 2 years, 50% for ages between 2-14 years.

14.00 – 17.00 Walking to and Visit of Tata Castle at the Old lake.
Entrance fee: Adult 650,- Ft(2,2 Euros).

After the visit of the castle, walks at the bord of the Old lake, and visit of the Great Platanus Plane, 2nd at the European Tree of the Year 2015, in the Park of Eszterházy Castle.
Coffee, farewell.
In cae of arrival to Komárom already Saturday on the 9th of May, we suggest
to be hosted in the Hét Vezér Appartment-hotel in Komárom, at the Komárom

György Győrfi
Jaguar Club Hungary co-president
+36 30 438 40 17


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